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About Us

Anne Maley, PT


Physical Therapist with over 40 years of rehabilitation experience in clinics and home environments.

2009 Employee of the Year, Orlando VAMC.

Retired from VAMC in 2010, specializing in outpatient rehabilitation.


"I have attended many courses in my life, but this course has given me more practical, relevant, useful information than any other.  The fact that the instructors are patient and careful is very gratifying and their use of humor makes it fun.  I am recommending this to my friends."    Connie

"Wasn't too keen on attending the class when my wife asked me, BUT--I really enjoyed it and feel it has helped me." Ed

"Anne and Nancy have done a remarkable job.  I found all the information very helpful, especially the exercises.  My posture has improved greatly and so has my core strength."  Christine

"Great class!! I learned to have fun again.  Thank you."  Phyllis

Nancy Gavaghan, RT


25 years of experience in hospital and nursing home recreation therapy. 

Retired from Orlando VAMC in 2011, specializing in dementia and therapeutic interventions.

National VFW Outstanding Healthcare Employee of 2004.